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Handi Secure

Tested according to the international standard ISO 10542 and the american standard SAE J2249, you can be 100% sure that the Handi Secure provides you with everything you need, when transporting wheelchair passengers.Well, even more.

As Handi Secure is tested with a wheelchair load of striking 100 kg, where the ISO and the SAE standards only call for 85 kg, the Handi Secure is among the absolute strongest WTORS in the market today.

And this is very important as most electrical wheelchairs today very well comes close to the 100 kg limit.We can as an important accessori for the Handi Secure system supply a height adjuster for the shouldebelt anchorage point into the wall of the vehicle.

Download Brochure.
This height adjuster has been succesfully tested according to the strict requirements for M1 vehicles set up by the European directive 76/115/EG with all the later amendments.

Handi Secure is designed to be simple and easy to use. J-hooks for fast attachment onto the wheelchair frame. Fully automatic rectractors for fast and easy tightening of the wheelchair. T-Grips for solid grips when providing the extra "twist" to the tightening of the wheelchair before take-off. Lapbelt assembly knob on the retractor for fast and easy assembly of the retractor / lapbelt connection. And finally, the possibility to choose an automatic shoulderbelt retractor for fast assembly with the lapbelt buckle and for comfort during the transportation.

We can supply the Handi Secure system with a track fitting (HS01-series), tested and approved for installation into the Handi Floor airline tracks, or with an easy-to-use floor stud attachment system (HS02-series) to be used in wooden floor systems.

When ordering Handi Secure, please use the part numbers below. HS01 are with double plungers and the HS02 are with "Quick Secure". The sets also vary on lap belt, shoulder belt and anchorage.