Air Suresse

With a dual compressor system

The Dyna-Form Air Suresse mattress is the latest high dependency dual therapy mattress replacement system within the DHG range of products, providing alternating and continuous low pressure therapy. This product is manufactured with a dual compressor system, allowing suitable application to those much larger, complex patients and a 254kg weight limit as standard. This modern pump technology also comes equipped with a true fault diagnostic system, providing potential, rapid minor problem diagnosis and therefore real peace of mind.



The Air Suresse features continuous low pressure therapy, equalising pressure within the cells to allow for greater immersion into the mattress surface and optimum pressure redistribution. Whilst laser cut holes provide an evenly distributed flow of cooling air maintained across the mattress surface to assist in managing the microclimate of the skin.

The “Soft to Firm” selection functions allow true patient comfort, from the light weight, hypersensitive, to those heavier patients, up to and including and that of
Very High Risk of pressure ulcer development and existing damage. This new and unique hinged mattress cell construction provides small and deeper cell designs for the heel and sacral areas, allowing for use on the most challenging patient circumstances and most healthcare beds. At ease within any high dependency ward to that of a homecare setting, this multi disciplinary system assists with the modern challenges of pressure area patient care at the highest level.

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Model specification
Art. nr
ProduktnamnDyna-Form Air Suresse
Længde200 cm
Bredde85 cm
Højde20 cm
Cycle Time12 min.
Cycle ControlTimer Switch
Vekt madrass (kg)11 kg/ 4.4kg power unit
RisikokategoriVery High Risk
HMI nr
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