Dyna-Form Jupiter

The Dyna-Form Jupiter mattress can be used with patients considered to be up to that of High Risk of pressure ulcer development. Using modern foam designs, castellated on one side to aid pressure ulcer management, whilst providing excellent patient comfort; this mattress can be used without a turning programme, aiding moving & handling procedures. Jupiter can work comfortably with any electric profiling bed frame. Its durable design uses only the very best CME foam & fabrics to provide a modern mattress complete with infection control enhancing cover.

Also Available in Pro-Formance™ Strikethrough Resistant Cover.


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Model specification
Art. nr
ProduktnamnDyna-Form Jupiter Dyna-Form Jupiter
Længde198 cm198 cm
Bredde85 cm88 cm
Højde15 cm15 cm
Vekt madrass (kg)11 kg11 kg
FargeLight BlueLight Blue
SWL165 kg165 kg
RisikokategoriHigh RiskHigh Risk
HMI nr
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