Mercury Advance SMARTcare

Effective dual therapy

Mercury Advance SMARTcare er en innovativ løsning til forebyggelse og behandling af tryksår. Den tilbyder effektiv dobbeltbehandling på en enkelt overflade ved at kombinere avancerede, klinisk beviste teknologier, der tidligere kun var tilgængelige i separate hybridoverflader.

Advanced air displacement technology incorporated into a unique 4 zone configuration now provides more effective pressure redistribution.

When used in non-powered mode, clinically proven advanced air displacement technology continually optimises and improves pressure redistribution in response to patient body weight and movement. The unique ‘air only’ heel zone effectively off loads pressure on the vulnerable heel area.

When used in powered/dynamic mode Mercury Advance SMARTcare® delivers pressure relief via a series of connected alternating foam and air cells. Unencumbered by a top layer of foam on the mattress, the unique ‘foam in air cell’ construction ensures the delivery of effective pressure relieving therapy. Dependent on clinical judgement, the alternating function can be operated on either a Low or High Pressure.

Mercury Advance SMARTcare® pressure maps 20% better than a high specification foam mattress and has a higher maximum weight capacity of up to 254kg. All component parts are interchangeable and replaceable, maximising product life, reducing dynamic mattress usage and offering a very cost effective solution to pressure care management. The outer Dartex vapour permeable, multi way stretch fabric cover incorporates high frequency welded seams and deep flap zip protection conforming to the strictest infection control policies.

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Model specification
Art. nr
ProduktnamnMercury Advance SMARTcareMercury Advance SMARTcare
Længde198 cm198 cm
Bredde85 cm88 cm
Højde15 cm15 cm
Vekt madrass (kg)13.3kg mattress / 1.7kg Power Unit13.3kg mattress / 1.7kg Power Unit
SWL254kg capacity254kg capacity
Cycle Time10 minutes10 minutes
RisikokategoriVery High RiskVery High Risk
HMI nr
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